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Physician Order - Diabetic Form Fax form with physician's signature & date to 1-866-855-5888 (toll free fax) Required Start Date: Patient Medicare ID: Patient Name: Address: City: Phone#: State:
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Hey guys I'm Akira I'm gonna be doing a story time about my fresh job at watering you might be thinking when she doing a story time about working at Walgreens but let me tell you my experience of working at Walgreens see I worked at a Walgreens not is not so the area so medication and that's a good area does not mix so let me tell you what happened so I'm not the I'm a I was a beauty advisor that's my job description so I would be in the makeup department of Walgreens so one day I was at the cash register and that guy walks in and was like there's gonna be a bloodbath let's on me a blood that I play in the world and at the time you know I was like haha I went home and I was like look and look at the definition of a blood that and I saw the definition was uh I said I want to work here for too long because I don't want to be here when if he come in here start killing everybody I don't want to be in here another story time that happened was I was at the cash register again and I guy was like you wanna pop boom you just pick up his men his medicine from the pharmacy and he was like mmm I was like no I just don't want to pop pills like oh good but I don't I'm good in all of us no you won't see me rounding there's so much happening wandering now this is the one of the things that had me like so I'm not the catcher Acer again I've turned that happened I was at the counter register and this guy tried to touch my hair and I had a fishtail braid it was like um your hair look like bacon gotta eat it cannot touch it touch real light so I'm out here playing hide-and-go-seek around Walgreens does he ever try to touch me and I'm gonna tell my manager and it was like oh you know like he had like a problem I'm like the person who was watching he was wishing me watching him he said I having him run around the whole waterings harassing me huh there's so much our greens that happened I'm just sorry why does having my first job experience I did not like it all the things that I had to do i watering it was like oh and I was I had to go because if another thing was cute say hello right now you put some respect for everyone everything and I mind doing that but every time somebody walked through the door I had to be like hi hi welcome to Walgreens hi welcome to Walgreens and you know somehow a person might keep on walking to the door I said like 50 million times then you don't say it your manager would say something to you side of you it hey welcome to waterings hey welcome to waterings hey welcome to Walker I said up south of a recorder taken Corky said over and over and then not only when somebody call all would you had to say and I'd be like hey um welcome to Walgreens I make I am McAra how may I help you be well and I can stand over a thousand sometimes ignore the phone like hiding here somebody else needed gloves I'm not going to say that whole phrase a lot of people has some attitude that I don't like dealing with people with attitudes but the only good part of...